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Keith Bradnam and Kristen Beck

Keith Bradnam and Kristen Beck

Kristen Beck is a doctoral student in the Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Graduate Group at the UC Davis Genome Center. She joined the Korf lab in 2011 to study genomics and bioinformatics under biological sciences professor Keith Bradnam.

“He has had a great influence in shaping my personal and professional development,” said Beck.

Why is UC Davis the one for you? “One of the best experiences that I had while attending UC Davis occurred during my first fall quarter. Our graduate group was tasked with finding labs to host us for a short rotations. Prior to attending Davis, I knew there was phenomenal research, but once I was on campus I got to feel the energy of innovation from a campus that is so filled with great science. When I was picking my rotations, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I had so many options!”

What do you hope to be your legacy here at UC Davis — what marks have you made or changes that you hope will continue? “I hope that my legacy at UC Davis with be carried out through the students that I have mentored. I have served as a teaching assistant, taught new students in our lab, and I have taught high school students through Girls Who Code. In addition, I have educated people about the fun and empowerment that can be found in coding. I hope that after I leave UC Davis that the people I have touched can carry these messages on to the next batch of students.”

Tell us about one person at UC Davis who has enhanced your life or your work? “There have been several people who have influenced my life and work. One of which is also highlighted in this banner campaign. Keith Bradnam is a colleague, mentor and friend. He has taught me so much about being diligent in your scientific pursuit and about effective communication written and verbal. I have also learned to be meticulous in everything that I do as a result of his questions. He has had a great influence in shaping my personal and professional development.”