Compassion, empathy, technology

Rayne Soriano with other healthcare professionals

Rayne Soriano uses data to determine what’s best for patients. A nurse and doctoral student at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis, he immerses himself in analyzing patient data — from fall rates to the number of hospital-acquired infections — to improve quality through procedural, staffing and resource changes.

He also educates nurse managers in health informatics. “My work improves the way we interact with patients and deliver quality care. We can design and utilize systems that lead to better patient care outcomes.”

Soriano is examining a nurse manager’s role in leveraging technology to improve patient care. He sees a gap that can be closed to dramatically improve fall rates, infections, bed sores and other patient care issues. Once he graduates, he plans to teach at the university level because he wants to demonstrate to students, the way he was guided by his professors, that people do come first and technology can be integrated into their lives to improve health.

“This is an ideal school for those with a passion for applying new skills in health leadership,” he says. “I strive to represent the interprofessional goals of our school by speaking to board members, students who are thinking about nursing, and community members who care about the school’s future. Attending courses in different academic departments has enriched my experience, and I’ll continue to collaborate with colleagues from other departments and schools to keep learning.” 

Along with the collaborative approach at the school, Soriano values the diversity of the student body and teaching staff. Grateful for the entire team of instructors, advisers, and academic support staff that has challenged and supported him, Soriano calls his cohort members his “life support” in the program and “cherished friends whom I admire and respect because of their work and contributions.”