Giving to community

Axana Rodriguez-Torres

Axana Rodriguez-Torres

Majors: Psychology, and neurobiology, physiology and behavior

Hometown: Elk Grove, Calif.

Why is UC Davis the one for you? “The one experience that I have been able to acquire uniquely because of my ties to UC Davis is leading classes on diabetes prevention to hundreds of members of my community. I have been able to do this as part of an extension of the Diabetes Interest Group that takes place in Clinica Tepati. Now I can see my dream starting to become true even before I become a medical student.”

What do you hope to be your legacy here at UC Davis – what marks have you made or changes that you hope will continue? “My legacy here at UC Davis is definitely mentoring and education. Mentoring students is one of the actions, by far, that we should always do at any stage we are. We never know how much we can impact others’ lives. It is through our actions that we can show others that they can  achieve their dreams; that they can discover and develop their own potential to be leaders and leave a legacy of their own to the future generations. Also, educating patients on how to achieve a healthier life style is the start to better delivery of health care. My activities focus on listening, educating as well as helping patients find resources for their needs to be met.”

Tell us about one person at UC Davis who has enhanced your life or your work? “The one person that has made a complete difference in my journey is Mark Diaz, an advisor for Chicanos/Latinos in Health Education, faculty member at the School of Medicine and former co-founder of Clinica Tepati. He is truly committed to students, a great mentor and advisor to all types of students including non-traditional ones such as myself. He sympathizes with my passion and dream to become a medical doctor.”