Positive energy flowing

Megan Heneghan

Megan Heneghan

Major: Communications

Sport: Women’s tennis

Anticipated graduation year: 2014

Hometown: Tustin, Calif.

Why is UC Davis the one for you? “UC Davis brings people together in ways that no other school can. No matter where you come from, every student feels welcome and accepted at this university. The kindness and generosity of the people of Davis is unparalleled. The support for both academics and athletics is unwavering. There is always a positive energy flowing throughout the campus every single day, making me feel optimistic about the present moment, and hopeful for my future.”

What is your best experience on campus? “The best experience I have had here at UC Davis was during one of our community service visits to Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento. The Women's Tennis Team goes to Shriner's once every year to play games and interact with the patients. The children are usually very young, and some only know how to speak Spanish. My Spanish-speaking has become highly proficient after taking two years of Spanish courses at UC Davis, so I enjoy communicating with the kids during our visits.”

What do you hope to be your legacy here at UC Davis – what marks have you made or changes that you hope will continue? “I feel extremely grateful to have played for the UC Davis Women's Tennis Team for all of my four years. We received our first National Team Ranking my sophomore year. But even with this prestigious honor, I strive to make a more substantial mark on the level of support and integrity of my team.”

Tell us about one person at UC Davis who has enhanced your life or your work? “The one person that has positively affected my life here is my tennis coach Bill Maze. His outlook on life has taught me to live in the present and be open to anything life throws my way. He has never stopped supporting me, both on and off the court, I know I can always talk to him about anything, and he is always there to listen. If there was one piece of advice I could take from Bill Maze (even though all his advice is great), it's never take yourself too seriously, life is too short for that.”