Eat well to live well

Liz Applegate teaching a nutrition class

Liz Applegate

Title: Senior Lecturer, Department of Nutrition; Director of Sports Nutrition, Intercollegiate Athletics

Highest degree: Doctorate in nutrition

Hometown: Los Altos, Calif.

Liz Applegate

Liz Applegate

Why is UC Davis the “one” for you? “I have been here since my undergraduate days in the mid ’70s and haven't left yet. Says it all!”

What is the best experience you have had here that you could share with us – something that happened to you uniquely because of your ties to UC Davis? “My major professor in nutrition grad school here at UC Davis, Judith Stern recommended me to Rodale Press publishers of Runner’s World magazine to write their magazine’s nutrition column. After 28 years as columnist, this had made for a powerful impact on my career in sports nutrition.”

What do you hope to be your legacy here at UC Davis – what marks have you made or changes that you hope will continue? “During my tenure (almost 30 years) teaching Nutrition 10, I hope that the 50,000-plus students and those they share Nutrition 10 knowledge with will take to heart that each of us has one body to care for — our own — and if you take good care by eating well and being active, our bodies will serve us well.”

Tell us about one person at UC Davis who has enhanced your life or your work. “Steve Oerding, artist extraordinaire from MediaWorks on campus, has enabled me through his wonderful drawings and animations to explain challenging concepts and topics in Nutrition 10 that have impacted so many students for a lifetime. We’ve been working together for almost 20 years.”